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Music to the ears?

I have never looked forward to festivals of any kind. For one because I do not celebrate most of them and also the fact that closed holidays for a newspaper are very rare. In addition to this, I should say what drives me to the edge is the fact that whoever it is that celebrates them feels the need to to play music to the loudest volume.

I thought, this Ganesh Chaturti would be different. I got a holiday and I was looking forward to sleep late into the day. But no, it was not to be. ┬áThe loud and incongruous music that was blaring just near my house was pointer to the fact that I couldn’t continue my peaceful sleep any longer.

I am pretty sure this is what happens for almost every festival in the Hindu calendar. Loud music, ringing bells, all this might form an integral part of the celebrations. But why not have some consideration for the poor souls that have no choice but be victims to this age-old ritual?

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