Football Talk- Luis Suarez: In the news, always


Football has some interesting stories. Liverpool’s famous No. 7 has his fair share. Some call him a ‘villain’- he bit a player on the field – surprisingly not for the first time in his career, a few months later he traveled to London to accept an award.


Even after getting suspended for 10 matches, he had more goals than any other player in the Premier League that season. While the footballing world speculated his transfer, he went on to sign a new contract with Liverpool.

He got an explosive start to life in England with his deadline-day transfer from Ajax in January 2011. The Uruguay international has a reputation for being a rebel and the world of football continues to regale in his antics on the football pitch. Some call him a genius (read Liverpool fans), some call him a flawed footballer. But you have to agree, he will never change. He will always be a rebel.

Personally, I do not like Suarez. But what I do like is he is open to criticism and admitting his faults. After the awards gala last year, he said, “Everyone knows my last year has not been really good, with my problems. But after that I forgot everything and tried my best on the pitch.”

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