A day in the life of a social media professional

How many of you start your day by tweeting or updating your Facebook status? How many of you use social media early in the morning to keep yourself updated on what’s been happening in the world. But how do you think it would be if this was your main job role? Sounds fun?

Welcome to the world of a social media professional.

We start our day by logging in to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and what not. That’s just the beginning. Most people have a perception that the job of a social media executive is updating a status, posting a tweet or uploading a picture.

The ‘real’ work goes beyond this.

Social media is about being real time. Monitoring conversations, organising campaigns, conceptualizing contests and promotions- making the brand relevant on social media- that’s just the crux. We respond to conversations (most of the times negative ones), manage brand reputation, analyse hard numbers (how boring!) and identify influencers who can tell the brand story. We strategize on how a campaign will help a brand not only online but offline. We liaise with brand managers and business heads to see how to improve the ROI.

Social media is ever changing. So, we need to create and sift through dozens of research reports and articles to stay abreast of the ever changing social marketing trends.

Unlike any other job, we don’t call it a day! The internet does not sleep. Social media is endless and so is our work.

We constantly read, we listen, we think, we create and we innovate. And above all, we learn and enjoy our work.

Read more in this Infographic by RazorSocial which I found interesting.


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