‘All we want to do is enjoy the game’

Virat Kohli first came into the limelight in 2008 when he became the captain of the Under-19 World Cup team. Since then, the suave player has made a name for himself as the batsman of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

Suave cricketer

Suave cricketer

He even played an important role in Team India’s victory in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. At the launch of Flying Machine’s new collection ‘Blue Label’ in the City, Virat spoke to Metrolife about cricket, fashion and Bangalore.

He is quite excited about his team’s performance in the Champions League series. But the RCB player says that while winning is important, the team just wants to put on a good show. He asserts, “In the first few games, we were a little desperate and just wanted to win. But now, since we have crossed the big hurdle, we have to focus on playing good cricket.” Ask him about the kind of strategies the team is going to use and he replies nonchalantly, “We do not have any strategies in mind. All we want to do is go out there, enjoy the game and give our best.”

However, he says cricket has changed a lot over the years. Though the game has different formats today, Virat feels these should not change the goals of any cricketer. According to him, for any cricketer, playing Test cricket is the best achievement and an experience in itself. “When I started playing, my aim was to play Test cricket. I feel that
One Day Internationals (ODIs) are the best way for a cricketer to grow. While Twenty20 cricket is enjoyable, we should concentrate more on ODIs and Test cricket,” he avers.

Ask about his training regime for the Twenty20 games and he says, “Earlier, you could just go on with regular training and play. But now with Twenty20, the training is more power-based and depends on what kind of an athlete you are. Another important thing is what your team wants out of you,” he says.

Apart from cricket, he is looking forward to the Formula One Grand Prix that is going to happen in Delhi. He adds, “I am not much of an F1 fan. But it will be a thrilling experience to watch it live in action. If I get a chance to be there, I will surely go.”

So does he play any other sport? “No. I am busy with cricket almost the entire year. When I manage to get some free time, I simply hang out with my friends to unwind.”

About his personal style statement, he says, “I am an out-and-out denim person. When I am not on the pitch, you will see me in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Comfort is the best fashion statement.” He gets nostalgic at the mention of Bangalore. “I have always loved this place. I have been coming here for eight years and it is like a second home to me.”

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