An exotic slice of Andhra Pradesh

Spice Route.

Red and green chillies, lip-smacking ‘gongura pickle’, and ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ — mention Andhra cuisine and these are the first things that come to one’s mind. The region’s specials are meant to be high on ‘spice’. Probably, one of the hardest things to find in Bangalore is a good place that serves authentic Andhra style food.

But at ‘Sree Spicy Hub’ in Jeevanbhima Nagar, one can savour an array of authentic dishes that have the typical Andhra flavour without drilling a hole in the pocket. The speciality of the food lies in the fact that all the spices are brought from Andhra Pradesh and prepared in the restaurant by cooks from Andhra itself. “This is because we want to preserve the taste of home-made food,” say the proprietors Gopi and Murli. The food comes in great quantities too, hence you have the option to order half portions.

The menu offers a variety of refreshing drinks to start off with. When it comes to starters, the regional delicacies have much to choose from. Try the gongura mutton, or the most favourite ‘Andhra chicken’ which is a true speciality of Andhra Pradesh. Juicy inside and crisp outside, the chicken tastes best when paired with spicy chutneys. You also have the ‘Andhra breads’, that is chapathi and pulka fried in spices, which is a great choice.

And for those who like fish, there’s more than you can hope for at this place. Choices include the simple fried fish marinated in masala or coated with a rava batter and fried.

Somehow, the natural preparation is best if you like fish for what it is.

The prawn preparations are yet another delight and are cooked just right with a generous coating of masala.

When it comes to the main course, you may be spoilt for choice because of the immense variety. The different varieties of biriyani be it mixed vegetable, chicken or prawn, is worth every morsel. Prepared in a unique style, the dish is just perfect when paired with the spicy green peas masala or mushroom curry.

Nattikodi pulusu curry, an ethnic Andhra dish, is another delight for those who prefer non-vegetarian food. Try out the ‘Spicy Hub Special Biriyani’ too which is a filling platter. For those who like their rice plain, red rice is also available.

Top it with a dash of ghee, sprinkle gun powder and curry leaves powder and it makes for a perfect meal. Completing the rice fare are lemon rice and the curd rice which is cooked to perfection.

Apart from being tasty, the food is reasonably priced. So if you are in the neighbourhood anytime and in mood for some great Andhra food, do try out this place.

It is located on 10th Cross, Jeevanbhima Nagar Main Road. They take delivery orders too.

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