Little drops of water….


Residents in the City have a tough time during summer due to insufficient water supply


Come summer and people in many places in Bangalore face the problem of acute water shortage especially those who rely on the corporation water supply board.

This is the concern of every family in the City as irregular water supply poses a lot of problems.

Agreeing to this, Latha Vijayshekhar, a housewife living in R T Nagar says, “We usually get drinking water every alternate day. But now since it’s summer, there are times when we have to wait for almost a week to get water.”

Parikshit Shetty, who is self-employed and lives in Malleshwaram, expresses similar sentiments, “We do not have a lot of problems as we have a well in our house. So we use this water for washing and cleaning purposes. But since this is hard water, it is not suitable for drinking. So we have to depend on corporation water which we get once in two days. But sometimes we don’t even get that and storing water in the house is not feasible.”

However, there are many residents who do not have borewell or any such source of water in their vicinity.

They have to resort to buying water from commercial bodies.

Says Latha, “When we don’t get water, we have to call for water tankers. Since ours is a small family, we can manage for a month or so. But many of my neighbours, who live in joint families, have to call for a tanker twice or thrice a month.”

There is no other alternative for these people as water is indispensable for their daily needs.

But isn’t this option rather expensive? Latha agrees, “It is expensive. On an average, our water bill comes upto Rs 400 per month. But for a tanker we spend Rs 600 to Rs 650 every month depending on the requirement. We can’t do anything about this.”

Even Balakrishna, an interior designer and a resident of Vyalikaval, finds himself in the same situation.

He says, “April and May is the time we frequently face such problems. In a week, at least for two whole days there is no water supply. So I have to buy water at a heavy price. And this price varies with the demand. So at times, we have to spend more money.”

Apart from these areas which are covered by the BWSSB, there are many other places in the City that come under City Municipal Corporation, which face this water crisis too.

Says Gaurav, who lives in Vijaya Bank Layout near Bannerghatta Road, “There is no Cauvery water supply in this area as the pipelines are still not constructed. So for this purpose, we used to have a local borewell connection which has not been working since three months. Hence every week, the municipal corporation sends water tankers, which we have to pay for.”

And though they do not have to pay their water bills anymore due to the frequent water shortage, lack of direct water supply causes a lot of inconvenience indeed.

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