Pedestrians left in the lurch

Turning Immobile

Footpaths are for the use of the pedestrians. But throughout the City, one can find hawkers taking up most of the space.

Hawkers take up most of the space on footpath causing inconvenience to pedestrians

Hawkers take up most of the space on footpath causing inconvenience to pedestrians

To make matters worse, there are even vehicles parked haphazardly on these roads. Metrolife spoke to the people to find out how it causes inconvenience to them.

Many retail vendors, hardware shops, vegetable shops, cycle repair and motor vehicle service centers, fruit stalls with make-shift stalls are a common sight.

Says Kavilesh, “The pavement from Yediyur Lake in Jayanagar 6th block towards Krishna Rao Park on Kanakapura Road stretch is filled with hawkers. Moreover, vehicle owners also take the liberty to park their vehicles as they wish without having any consideration to the plight of the pedestrians who are left with no space to walk at all.”

This is prevalent in almost every part of the City.

Says Karthik, who stays in Konanakunte, “On Anjanapura Main Road, there is a row of vendors selling all kinds of items. Since it is on the main road and near the junction, it creates a lot of traffic chaos. I have even come across cases where some people stop without warning just out of curiosity.” What is the traffic police’s role in this?

Says Kavilesh, a resident of Bellandur, “In most of the places, there is a ‘No Parking’ board placed right in front of these stalls. But the cops, who look after the traffic on these roads, just turn a blind eye. To make matters worse, there are ongoing road works going which is a major cause of concern because the people are unable to use the existing footpath.”

Hari Prasad, a resident of Koramangala, says, “We cannot solely blame these vendors. It is the duty of the authorities to impose strict rules and also provide space for them to sell their wares. Most of the time, the policemen work hand-in-glove with these people and take money. If the rules are made stricter,
everything will fall in place.”

Says Kavilesh, “The residents have time and again filed complaints at the ward office which is situated nearby. But they just seem to be a mute spectator and do not take any action.”

When asked about this, Chandrashekhar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Traffic (East Division) said, “Only if they cause obstruction to traffic, we can take action against them. We cannot do anything if they just put up stalls there. It is the duty of the BBMP to supervise if there are illegal hawkers carrying on business. This apart, the Supreme Court has allowed moving carts to carry on as usual.”

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