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Back in Time by Andaleeb Wajid

Back in TimeTitle: Back in Time
Author: Andaleeb Wajid
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Pages: 168
ISBN: 9789384052935
Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Romance
Rating: 4/5

Author Andaleeb Wajid is a consummate writer and she has time and again proven her knack in etching characters that have strong convictions, be it women who are tormented by inner conflicts, those who are not afraid of love or those who will go to any lengths to right a wrong. They are always charming, intelligent and resourceful. The book, Back in Time, the second in the Tamanna trilogy after No time for goodbyes, is no different. By telling the story of a strong female time-travelling protagonist, Wajid subtly touches upon human emotions like love, longing, belonging, anger by carefully weaving a delicate and pristine love story. The book is also a portrait of Bangalore of a long time ago, which earned the first book much critical acclaim.

Tamanna, who once again finds herself in the past, is now torn between her love for Manoj, a younger Suma’s neighbour, and her yearning to be back in the present, where her parents are going crazy with her state of unconsciousness. And to make matters worse, the camera, which would transport her back to the present, is stolen and hence, she is trapped indefinitely in the 80s. What happens during her stay in the 80s, how she comes back to the present and what happens to her love life — this forms the crux of the story.

I picked this book up at random; as I was awaiting a package of new books to arrive that evening, I wanted to read a book that would fill the gap in between. This book is a refreshingly fast read (I finished it in four hours with breaks) with a simple yet tightly-woven narrative. Though a Young Adult fiction, with time-travel at the core, it is a pleasant romance, which will leave you chuffed to bits, no matter how old you are.

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‘Independent music has disappeared’

Shibani Kashyap is no stranger to music. This young singer developed an interest in music at a young age and has performed at many venues since then.


Having sung with several of the Hindi film industry’s best music directors, this singer and music composer has also lent her voice for a Kannada song. Speaking to Metrolife, she talks about her passion for music, the City and her future plans.

Where did she get her musical inspiration from? “I was always inclined towards singing. My parents understood that and encouraged me to go for lessons as a kid. In school, I used to be part of the school choir. My mother used to teach me Indian classical music too. Later, I started training in Western classical music,” she says.

But Western classical has always had a major influence on her. So she uses it to the best in most of her music. She agrees, “I consider myself proficient in Western classical vocals. But along with this, I try to blend folk influences too.”

imageShe was recently in the City for a fashion event. Ask her about her personal style statement and she says, “I wear a wide range of clothes. I wear anything from dresses to shorts and jeans to long-flowing gowns. But basically, I like to dress myself up in anything feminine. I’m mostly not dressed in casuals.”

About Bangalore, she gushes, “I love the City. The people here are very fashion-conscious and I got to meet so many people and learn something from them. There are a lot of talented homegrown designers too. But I feel Bangalore needs more known designers at the national level. On the whole, it was a really nice experience to meet so many talented people.”

The most memorable part about this trip for Shibani was that she completed recording for a Kannada song Garam Masala for the Aditya and Radhika starrer Tippu. Talking about her experience, she says, “This is my first ever Kannada song. So I was really excited. I do not know the language. But I learnt the sounds and the lyrics by writing them in English and Hindi. So it was easy to grasp them. It was a good learning experience to work with music director Guru Kiran too, who is brilliant.”

Does she mind singing more Kannada songs in future? “Definitely. Given a chance, I would love to come back to the City and sing in many more Kannada films. It was a very nice experience.”

This apart, she plans to work on a new album. She says, “I just started working on it. The album will mostly be a single. I believe in the concept of singles because working on a whole album is very rare these days especially when independent music has actually disappeared from the scene. So right now, I am focusing on that.”

But her interest doesn’t stop at music. Given a chance and a good script, she is game for acting in movies as well. She says, “I had a few script reading sessions with directors. So far, nothing has interested me. But if a good project comes along, I will not let go of the opportunity.”

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